God bless my Mother. Regarding education, research, and my academic career, she taught me three important things:

  • Keep updating yourself with recent information. Keep learning and reading. Never stop.
  • The best way to learn something, is to illustrate it to others. If you can illustrate it well, this means you understand it well.
  • The more you give, the more you get.

In the beginning

I owe a very big thank you to my dear Professor Dr. Hesham A. Arafat [Mansoura University CV] [Google Scholar Profile] [ResearchGate]. Cordially, he taught me three of the most important Database courses in my career:

  • Database Systems
  • Advanced Database Systems
  • Distributed Database Systems

The first two courses, we studied from the very famous book: An Introduction to Database Systems by C. J. Date [amazon]. I loved the courses and the subject a lot. Though Professor Date style of illustration might be so abstract for some students, I really enjoyed the book, the subject, and the field a lot.

The third course, we studied from the almost only reference for the subject Principles of Distributed Database Systems by Tamer Ozsu [Springer]

Masters and Research

Though I really enjoyed the field a lot, I am not sure why I have not moved forward in my masters thesis with Database research. May be it is the illusion that Database as a research field is mature, saturated, you will never find new things to contribute to. Maybe my passion of building systems, I am not sure. However, the problem arise when I thought that what I have learned is really enough, and such a field will not change a lot, and that all the books are the same, just different publishers.


Thanks to God! I was so lucky with the courses I taught through my career. I enjoyed every one of them, and I almost remember them as if I am teaching them this semester. I don't remember saying No to teaching any course within my area of specialization. Some of my colleagues might think that specialty is important, and I don't disagree. It is just variety also helps a lot. Some of the courses materials I have taught are available here [Github]


God is so generous. He lead me to attend the online MOOC offered by Stanford that was even introduced before Coursera evolves, and I was really surprised by the amount of updated information and the live-living of the database field and the recent topics added there.

My Online Course

In the summer of 2019, I decided to offer an online course of Databases. I had two objectives:

  • Refresh my knowledge in an important field that I didn't have the chance to offer and illustrate through my entire career
  • Share my view of the topic with online community without the constraints and limits of in-class

My class can be found [Google Classroom - Class code: xi4pipa ] [Youtube - Lectures] [Youtube - Labs]


I always prefer following a guideline of a respected, well formed textbook. There are plenty of them regarding Database Systems. I prefer the most recent ones, from highly distinguishable publishing houses. I have chosen Database Systems: Design, Implementation, and Management - 13th edition [amazon]

You are welcome to join the classroom, and / or check the online contents.

Now What?

Refreshing my knowledge in the subject after 15+ years of graduation, revealed new and enhanced knowledge that I really love to share with you. I hope I can share with you the enhanced knowledge God gives me now, so you might remember me as I do remember my Professor.